• Choose your color like you choose your makeup:

When you have light skin, you don’t use dark foundation or powder. This principle also applies to hair. Stay close to what you really are.


  • Be Inspired by Nature:

A natural color is rarely the same from the roots to the ends of a strand of hair. When you put on makeup you lightly highlight your eyes, your cheeks and your mouth. The same principal of contrast must also be followed for your hair. It makes maintenance easier. When your hair grows back, you get very chic and soft effects on the ends.


  • Color Treatments & Tints:

There is no end to the ways the perfect color will enhance your personal style, strengthen your features and compliment your skin tone. At Salon G by Gennaroz we will use the latest color techniques to create a look best suited to you.


  • With a good hairstyle you can maximize your hair’s natural flow and remove dulling split ends. If you’re considering shortening then consider this. Short looks are best for women with small features, round faces and lots of confidence.


  • After spraying conditioner, comb it through using a wide tooth comb. This will distribute the conditioner evenly. Gently blow the hair dry with a towel to remove the excess water. Avoid vigorous rubbing as this can cause friction and frizziness. Comb through again to remove any snarls.


  • Don’t forget the natural texture of your hair. A good stylist will suggest a hundred ways to work beautifully with what you’ve got.


  • Remember that just because you like a certain hairstyle, that does not mean it will work for you. Hairstyles depend on the shape of your face and the texture of your hair, If it’s curly or straight, how much maintenance you’re willing to do etc..

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